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  Harbin Vocational & Technical College
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Harbin Vocational & Technical College is a higher vocational and technical college founded by Harbin Municipal Government and authorized by Heilongjiang Provincial Government. It is one of the bases for talent cultivation in the revitalization of the traditional industrial bases in Northeast China designated by Harbin Municipal Government. The college was established in 2002. It was formed by merging seven education institutions: Harbin Economic Management Cadre College, Harbin Construction Staff University, Harbin Staff University of Finance and Trade, Harbin Staff Institute of Light Industry, Harbin Staff University of Science and Technology, Harbin Staff University of Machinery and Electronics, and Harbin School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering.

For many years, the college has been continuously enhancing the connotation construction, improving the quality of talent cultivation and providing vital support for the regional economic and social development in terms of skilled and applied talents. The college was appraised and confirmed as one of construction units for model higher vocational colleges of Heilongjiang Province in 2006. It was approved to be one of 100 construction units for national backbone higher vocational colleges by China’s Ministry of Education and Ministry of Finance in 2010.

The college covers nearly 900,000 square meters, and its built-up area is 225,300 square meters. There are 48 laboratories and training classrooms, and nine training bases on the campus, including three training bases for vocational education funded by the central finance.

There are 367 full-time teachers, 43 of whom are professors and 167 associate professors or senior engineers. At present, there are 7,600 full-time students in higher vocational education and 6,631 students in adult education on campus.

The college has seven schools: School of Construction Engineering, School of Mechanical Engineering, School of Electrical Engineering, School of Accounting & Finance, School of Modern Service, School of Electronic & Information Engineering, and School of Art & Design, setting up 50 programs. The four programs: Electric Automation Technology, Road and Bridge Engineering Technology, Mould Design and Manufacture, and Welding Technology and Automation have been confirmed as the key construction programs supported by the central finance.


The construction of Harbin Vocational & Technical College for the objective of becoming a national backbone vocational college has been listed in Harbin Economic Development Planning. The college is devoted to the construction of Harbin Vocational Education Garden, covering 700,000 square meters, which is of the national level, shared by the public, comprehensive and open, with the vigorous support from both Harbin Municipal Government and Heilongjiang Provincial Government. The college is striding forward toward its objective to become a first-class higher vocational college in China.

Harbin Vocational Education Park

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