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  Party Secretary Liu Min and Her Delegation Go to Zambia for Exchange and Study
Release Time:8/16/2019      

In order to actively responded to China’s Belt & Road Initiative and accelerate the Vocational Education “going globe” project by Ministry of Education as well as overseas development of China’s nonferrous metals industry, our Party Secretary, Liu Min, Ms. Li Xiaolin, Dean of International School and Ms. Yong Liying, Dean of School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, went to Zambia from August 1st to 5th for study and exchanges at the invitation of the China-Zambia Economic and Trade Cooperation Zone of China Nonferrous Metals Group and Luanshya Copper Co., Ltd in Zambia.

This activity was warmly received by Mr. Liang Chimin, deputy leader of China’s Vocational Education “going globe” project. The five-day visit was intense and pleasant, with fruitful results. Our delegation successively went to ZCCZ cooperation zone, NFCA China Nonferrous Mine and CLM China Luanshya Copper Co., Ltd. for exchange and study, deeply feeling the growing influence of Chinese enterprises in Zambia and the urgent demand of Chinese enterprises for high-level vocational education talents in Zambia.



Visit ZCCZ Cooperation Zone


Study and exchange with Chinese Enterprises


Visit training school

Our college leaders had a detailed understanding of the work, study and life of the two teachers dispatched to Zambia, and expressed their appreciation for their outstanding performance. Secretary Liu Min told the two teachers to combine the actual situation of the college and the enterprise, conduct in-depth research on the talent training mode that the college and enterprise can jointly explore and develop, and improve the training level of enterprise employees. Meanwhile, we should pay attention to the high-quality development of our Zambian branch college, and promote the students of our branch college and Zambian international students to practice and work in Chinese enterprises, which can not only alleviate the shortage of technical and skilled talents faced by Chinese enterprises, but also further expand the international influence of our college, so as to strengthen the in-depth cooperation between college and enterprises, integrate industry and education to “go global”, and export more international talents to Chinese enterprises and break a new path for the cultivation of compound talents with international vision.

During visit, Secretary Liu Min and her delegation went to the Confucius Institute of the University of Zambia for exchanges.

Visit Confucius Institute in Lusaka

Our college will remain committed to participating in Vocational Education “going globe” project in the nonferrous metals industry, and make our due contributions to China’s vocational education to serve the Belt & Road Initiative.

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