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  @Dear Students, do you miss the campus? Let's take pictures for you to appreciate beautiful campus scenery!
Release Time:5/8/2020      

Everything is flourishing in late spring and early summer

Our campus at present has already been taken on a bright new look

At this special period,

We haven't seen each other for days. How are you doing recently?

With green grass, wait for your happy laughter and cheerful voices


Imperceptibly, summer has arrived

Remember how long it's been since we stepped into the college gate?

I heard you miss our campus

In fact, the campus also misses you

What does the campus look like now?

We'll show you today!

They are looking forward to you passing by


Remember how long we haven’t heard the sound of reading aloud?

During these days when you're not here

How is that familiar classroom now?

The library looking forward to your early return








A spacious Stadium

Does it remind you of the long lost PE lessons?





If you were all here, it would be very bustling with noise and excitement.








Our sports meeting is the same as the 2020 Olympic Games

Which are aggrieved to cry

How I want to see the chasing figures on the red runway

Once, we sweat profusely here


Although we can't meet our teachers and classmates

We're working hard on our online lessons

Teachers change to be “anchors”, and the screen is “blackboard”

Reading doesn't have to be in the classroom

Although we can’t go back to college, we can still attend online lessons. Let’s go

With the Internet, there are classes.


Teachers are busy all the time


Some stay on the campus, some support the community

Some have become “Internet celebrities”

Some become psychological hotlines “operators”


After the “epidemic” examination

Everyone unlocked new skills

Peach blossom is still blooming, green grass is still green

Take your time!

When the classroom bell rings

Right here waiting for all my dear students!

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