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  The Third Group of Teachers Complete Their Educational Mission to Zambia
Release Time:3/8/2019      

Mr. Jiang Tao and Ms. Sun Huimin, two teachers from School of Mechanical and Electric Engineering, completed 2018 China’s vocational education “going global” mission. This is the third group of teachers our college sent to Zambia to provide educational assistance. During their stay in Zambia for 209 days, they successfully completed the jobs including professional skill trainings, teaching and administration, amendment and improvement of Book Series of Chinese for Industries, demonstration of professional curriculum standards, selection and exams for international students and selection of teachers in local areas. The local working staff, trainees and local teachers spoke highly of what they have done.

The College attaches great importance to the development of works done by our college as the pilot unit of vocational education “going global”. On March 5, Party Secretary Liu Min, President Liu Shen, Vice-president Liu Jianguo, Sun Baiming and Ms. Yong Liying, dean of School of Electric Engineering and Ms. Li Xiaolin, dean of School of International Exchanges attended the working report given by two teachers.

The project has sent 13 teachers from 7 universities in Beijing, Shaanxi, Hunan, Shanxi, Guangdong and Heilongjiang. They specialize in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, information technology, construction technology, mineral processing and mining technology. They are responsible for professional training, compilation of book series of Chinese for Industries and assistant positions in the construction of China-Zambia Vocational and Technical College. Our two teachers have successfully completed the tasks of the above three positions.


College leaders fully affirmed the achievements made during their trip in Zambia and expressed that overseas practical teaching for vocational education “going global” project has been a prominent advantage for China’s vocational education. We should further innovate, expand and promote existed intellectual property during the construction and combine the domestic vocational education model. This project is a long term one and the successful experiences, teaching methods and works gained by our teachers should be summarized in a systematic way, which can provide references for future works.

It is said that the professional curriculum standard demonstration, acceptance of teaching conditions, teacher recruitment and other works have been completed.  Our College undertakes the construction task of one branch. Up to now, our college has dispatched three batches of teachers to Zambia to provide educational assistance, which have achieved good results, witnessed the deep friendship between China and Zambia and promoted the in-depth development of China’s vocational education “going global”.

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