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  The First Group of Zambian Students Start their Full-time Diploma Study Life in Our College
Release Time:10/31/2018      

 October 30, 2018- Our College held the opening ceremony for twelve students from Zambia. They started their three-year study life in our college. This is the first group of international students having diploma study in higher vocational college in Heilongjiang Province.


Party Secretary Liu Min, President Liu Shen, Vice-presidents Liu Jianguo, Wang Haishan and Ms. Ma Shuling attended the opening ceremony. And Li Xiaolin, Dean of School of International Exchanges, hosted the ceremony. President Liu Shen, on behalf of all the working staff and students, extended the warm welcome to new students. He hoped that all students could overcome difficulties in language, life and study so that they could be adapt to the college life soon and wished them great success in their study and good life in Harbin. He also expected the students could contribute to their country in the future. Lumbwe, the student representative, expressed in her speech her thanks to what the college has done for them and showed her affection to our college. She said they would cherish the times they spent in the college and would strive for their dreams. Liu Min, Party Secretary, presented stationeries to all the students to encourage them to work hard.  





The twelve students are selected by the teachers who are now providing educational assistance in Zambia. 



To better welcome the students’ coming, the college made a detailed and hospitable preparations. The college upgraded the dorms and classrooms for the students the whole summer vacation, made curriculums for them and prepared life necessities and stationeries.



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