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  Our Students and Teachers Complete Their Short-term Study in Singapore Nanyang Polytechnic
Release Time:1/24/2018      

January 19-Our teachers and students completed their short-term study in Singapore Nanyang Polytechnic and returned. This short-term study was led by two teachers Mr. Miao Yu and MR. Shi Long from School of Electronics and Information Engineering and School of Electric Engineering respectively. And the eight students sent to NYP are those who got prizes in national and provincial competitions.  

This short-term study consists of three parts: Firstly, in order to enable the students to know more about the culture and history of Singapore, NYP arranged lectures on educational system and life-long learning in Singapore and lectures on society, economy, culture and environment. Secondly, students paid visits to several teaching facilities and activity places including School of Chemistry, School of Engineering, School of Design, School of Commerce, School of Electronics & Information, Entrepreneur Space and Teaching factory to enable them to experience the education and ways and approaches of education in NYP. Thirdly, students toured around Gardens by the Bay, Santosa, and relevant scenic spots and government departments to enable them know more about the beautiful scenes and customs and city construction.

While touring around the campus, students listened carefully to the teachers and shared their thoughts through photos and words. The advanced teaching facilities, new teaching mode, creative teaching places all left deep impression on students. For example, the distillation tower device which was a reduced type of the one in the real production, works done by the students from School of Chemistry, new furniture designed by the students from School of Design and characteristic teaching factory and Entrepreneur Space. Yu Haodi, one of our students from School of Electric Engineering said during his visit: “if I have a chance, I will definitely come here to study and work.”

Our students listened attentively to the lectures on culture and history in Singapore and raised relevant questions on local customs. They were curious for knowledge and new things. Students not only experienced the colorful ethnic culture, prosperous commercial economy, but also laid a cultural foundation for their future study.


During their stay in Singapore, students also paid visits to Department of Environmental Development, Gardens by the Bay and invited the students who attended our “HVTC winter camp” in last December to have dinner together. Students from two parts interacted with each other, which greatly deepened their friendship.


In the daily life, NYP arranged standard dorms for our students. Spatial living room, independent bathrooms, comfortable bedrooms and clean kitchens provide a good living environment for students.

At the closing ceremony of this short-term study, our students shared their thoughts and achievements on this study. Yin Jianxin, our student from School of Accounting and Finance, said: “This tour to Singapore made me learn a lot about the advanced teaching facilities in NYP, to experience the people’s hospitality here, and experience the beautiful landscape and urban construction. I hope I can have a chance to come again.” Chen Mingshan, senior manager of School of Chemistry delegated certificates to our teachers and students and took pictures together.



This short-term study to NYP is a new attempt to develop students’ interaction and exchanges, aiming to enable students experience the unique teaching mode of “teaching factory”, broaden their horizon, expand their knowledge to jointly promote multi-development of cooperation and exchange between our two sides.

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