Schools & Programs

Schools Programs
School of Electrical Engineering   Mechanotronics Technology
  Electrical Automation Technology (National-level key specialty)
  Electrical Automation Technology (Intelligent building direction)
  Urban Track Transit Control
  New Energy Application Technology
  Industrial Robot Technology
School of Electronic & Information Engineering   Computer Network Technology (APTECH Network Engineer direction)
  Computer Network Technology (H3C Network Engineer direction)
  Software Technology (APTECH Software Engineer direction) (National-level key specialty)
  Software Technology (Oracle Software Engineer direction) (National-level key specialty)
  Animation Design and Production
  Electronic and Information Engineering Technology (Provincial-level Key Specialty)
  Electronic and Information Engineering Technology (Internet of things direction)
  Mobile Communication Technology
School of Mechanical Engineering   Machinery Manufacturing and Automation (National-level key specialty)
  Numerical Control Technology
  Mould Design and Manufacturing(National-level key specialty)
  Welding Technology and Automation(National-level key specialty)
  Automobile Inspection and Repair Technology
  Automobile Technology Service and Marketing (Provincial-level Key Specialty)
School of Construction Engineering   Road and Bridge Engineering Technology (National-level key specialty)
  Construction Design Technology
  Construction Engineering Technology (Provincial-level key specialty)
  Heating,Ventilation and Airconditioning Engineering Technology
  Project Cost
  Project Supervision
  Water Supply,Drainage and Environmental Engineering Technology
School of Accounting & Finance   Financial Management
  Accounting -- Certified Public Accountants(CPA) Direction (Provincial-level key specialty)
  Accounting —Certified Tax Agents(CTA)Direction
  Accounting Computerization (Provincial-level key specialty)
  Accounting and Auditing
School of Modern Service   Hotel Management
  Tourism Management
  Logistics Management (Key Specialty in the construction of national backbone colleges)
  Business Management (Chain Business Operation & Management direction)
  Aviation Service
  Marketing (Marketing and Planning direction)
  Electronic Commerce (National pilot specialty, national occupation qualification appraisal station)
  Urban Track Transit Operation & Management
School of Art & Design   Environmental Art Design (Provincial-level key specialty)
  Computer Art Design (Animation direction) (Provincial-level key specialty)
  Computer Art Design (Webpage designer direction) (Provincial-level Key Specialty)
  Computer Art Design (Film & TV Post Production direction) (Provincial-level key specialty)
  Decoration Art Design
  Advertisement Design and Production
  Advertisement Design and Production (Advertising digital media direction)
  Clothing Design and Performance
  Character Image Design
School of Food and Medicine   Bio Pharmaceutical Technology
  Food Nutrition and Detection
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