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   ¡°Invisible¡± Beauty Shows up in Northeast Asia Fashion Cultural Exhibition-Our College Attends in 2017 Heilongjiang Fashion Cultural Exhibition 11/3/2017
   Our Journal Is Selected as National Excellent Journal among Higher Vocational Colleges 11/3/2017
   The Twelfth Harbin Student¡¯s Federation Congress is a Complete Success Held in Our College 9/7/2017
   Our College Holds The Fifteenth Working Staff Technical Sports Meeting Four Skills Competition 8/30/2017
   Our College has Successfully Completed the Volunteer Work of ¡°2017 Harbin International Marathon¡± 8/27/2017
   Close College-Enterprise Cooperation Leads to a Bright Future of Apprenticeship ¡ª¡ªA Field Visit to Internship of Students from the First Modern Apprenticeship Pilot Class 8/15/2017
   Our College Successfully holds 2017 China Sports Lottery-Beach Volleyball Fitness for All ¡°HVTC Cup¡± Harbin Station Competition 6/29/2017
   Our Football Team Wins the Third Prize in 2017 Heilongjiang Provincial Campus Football League 6/29/2017
   Our Student Gets a Good Result in ¡°China CNKI Cup Poetry Reciting Competition¡± 6/22/2017
   Graduation Performance of 2017 6/20/2017
   The Sixth ¡°Love of Reading in HVTC¡± Campus Reading Festival Completes 6/14/2017
   Our Street-dancing Club Successfully Holds a Special Performance 6/8/2017
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